Active agents in liposomes


Liposomes are spherical bodies similar to biological cells which are invisible to the naked eye. Like the natural cell membranes of plants and animals, liposomes consist of a so-called bilayer with phosphatidyl-choline as its natural main component.

The bilayers of liposomes are very similar to the different layers of the skin barrier, thus liposomes merge easily with those barrier layers. Consequently, the penetration capacity of the skin for cosmetic and dermatologically active substances is improved. Active agents transported inside liposomes penetrate easily and spread well within the skin. They are retained by the skin in a depot-like manner and so often act with stronger effects. Even those active agents that are not encapsulated, but are applied with Liposomes at the same time, are generally more effective.

* All active concentrates can be used as an addition to the base cream or in pure form, as an independent preparation.

Coffein Liposomen
EGCG liposomes

EGCG liposomes, 20ml
Intense renewal serum. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) stimulates the formation of filaggrins and inhibits collagenase.
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Hyaluronan-NAG Liposomen

Hyaluronic acid liposomes Plus, 20ml
Moisturizer and anti-wrinkle agent. The hyaluronic acid is produced by biotechnology and has a molecular weight of approx. 2 MD (2 MegaDalton).
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Kigelia liposome concentrate, 20ml
Care of sensitive and delicate skin. Facial skin care, particularly for eye areas, but also for neck and decollete.
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Laminaria digitata liposome serum, 20ml
Skin protection and moisturizer. Oar kelp (Laminaria digitata) belongs to the family of brown algae which is frequently found along the European Atlantic coast.
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Liposome concentrate Plus, 20ml
For intensive care of blemished, rosacea-prone skin. The product is used for the supporting prevention of cornification disorders on the sebaceous glands.
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Complexion skin care liposomes Plus, 20ml
For even complexion and care of reddened skin
Inhibition of melanin formation and stabilisation of peripheral blood capillaries.
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Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Whitening – Konzentrat

Whitening concentrate, 20ml
For prevention of skin hyperpigmentation. Inhibition of melanin formation by plant extracts.
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Zinc liposome serum, 20ml
For supportive prevention and care of blemished skin. Zinc and phosphatidylcholine for care of skin prone to cornification disorders.
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